Cross-border Supply

New energy industry

The new energy sector focuses on the "green power" of clean energy with the core concept of helping carbon peak and carbon neutrality. Its main products include photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic inverters, solar controllers, portable energy storage systems, household off grid energy storage, container type large-scale energy storage, photovoltaic integrated machines, etc. Our service sales network spreads across the 15 countries of RCEP, countries along the "the Belt and Road", and European and American markets through scientific and technological innovation Industrial integration, intelligent production and global supply chain services promote the long-term and efficient development of the industry!

On the one hand, we have gathered EPC engineering and installation EPC of new energy to provide one-stop comprehensive new energy services. On the other hand, we have uploaded thousands of SKUs on our major e-commerce platforms such as DJIMART, eBay, Amazon, etc., most of which are photovoltaic solar energy and new energy related application products. We provide full link services including sales, operation, logistics, after-sales, etc.

PV module
Portable power supply
Energy storage products
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