DIDAGO ETSG is a one-stop cross-border e-commerce platform targeted at overseas buyers and branded as ETSG. It is authorized by State Grid cross-border e-commerce in Ethiopia and Pakistan and it has strategic cooperation with China Merchants DJIMART to jointly attract logistics providers, suppliers and purchasers. To solve the pain points of material procurement difficulties, compliance and low time limitation of Chinese enterprises' overseas institutions, DIDAGO ETSG create integrated logistics and business services .


Green power

We focus on the research and development, manufacturing, sales, supporting network and services of clean energy products. Our business covers photovoltaic solar energy, wind energy, energy storage. The main products include photovoltaic inverter, solar controller, photovoltaic modules, UPS uninterrupted power supply, portable energy storage system, household off-grid energy storage, photovoltaic all-in-one, outdoor industrial and commercial energy storage, communication integrated power supply, container large-scale energy storage, electric heating


Green new agriculture

Carbon peak, carbon neutral

A one-stop integrated service platform for green new agriculture, enabling high-quality development of new agriculture with "digital operation + brand + channel". We take green, organic, comprehensive nutrition as the core pursuit. Good life comes from the green organic ecology. We attach importance to agricultural technological innovation, quality control and law of nature. New agriculture and new ecology, help achieve a good life!

Good agriculture

good life


To find a partner, come to DIDAPIN

DIDAPIN is a one-stop partner (team) recruiting, project cooperation, brand incubation platform. It is also the only partner (team)recruitment channel and platform under DIDAGO. Relying on a wide network of talent resources such as universities, headhunting and recruitment cooperation platforms, we link and match high-end talents with enterprises efficiently and accurately to find excellent partners (and teams). We take the project as the orientation to help enterprise build a high-end talent team quickly. To find a partner, come to DIDAPIN!

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